Repair corrupted card

ways to fix corrupted micro SD card

There are many possible problems that can corrupt your Micro SD card but i found the probability of these five problems the most there for I want to discuss these problems and possible solutions of fixing corrupted micro SD card. Here are some problems and solution on how to fix corrupted micro SD card.

1. Using chkdsk/r command.

Some time your card got corrupted due to some disk errors and sector problems, this problem occur if the PC switches off due to sudden electricity failure or if you unplug your Micro SD during data transfer or file copying etc.
To fix this a special type of command is used in Windows XP cmd mode(command Prompt).
  • Plug-in your Card in PC > check which drive is SD card > Go in CMD from start menu.
  • There type the commad Chkdsk e: /r  replace your drive in this command, I supposed that my drive is “e”.

2. GUI Format command.

Some time Micro SD cards need to be format, I don’t know the reason but I found it use on certain occasions not only with SD cards but also with HDDs many times. So you should also check this one. For this..
  • Right click on the drive > select format command .
  • Now Uncheck Quick format if it is enabled then format using Fat32 or Fat system.                           

    3. Check disk Function

  • Another way for fixing and checking your card is using check disk function for this

    • Right click on the drive > select properties > then go to tools tab.
    • Click on check disk button .
    • First select auto fix errors option then click on start button.

    4. Using Disk Utilities.

    As obvious there are hundreds of free disk utilities and other softwares that clam to fix corrupted drives especially Micro SD cards, I personally tried many different softwares for this purpose but I found most of them useless for the problem, so I can’t prefer any software in this section, If you know about any useful utility then please inform us with comment section. 
    UPDATE: I have found some useful SD card formatters and also recovery softwares check it out.
    SD card formatter by ----------- Download
    SD card recovery software by ----------Download

    5. Virus Check.

    Another possible reason of corruption can be Virus infection. There are many harmful viruses that can corrupt data or can make your drive useless within seconds like worms, it simply copy itself as many times as disk capacity. So virus can be a reason, one should check for harmful viruses occasionally.